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Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Vampirate, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Vampirate

    Vampirate Member

    Howdy Pro, Dr.Moocowz, Gabe, etc.! Anyone playing Tribes Ascend? Beta is free. Brings back great memories.
  2. Sonofprom

    Sonofprom Active Member

    Short answer would be yes.
    We have a 4+ page long thread in one of the member only sections on tribes ascend, hopefully Moo or Pro will come along and can allow you to see it.

    Atm, I have seen Pro, Gabe, Ajax, Tyberage (Eatmeat...I think), and Moo on.
  3. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Vampirate! Long time, no see. :)

    The short answer is yes, we have people playing Tribes Ascend. The longer answer is this forum thread here.

    For the record, Tyberage is Freshmeat from T1 and T2. ZeroTalent is the artist formerly known as EatMeat... lest there be any confusion.
  4. Sonofprom

    Sonofprom Active Member

    Duh, I knew eatmeat was around still and had changed his name, but forgot what it was.

    GABRIEL Active Member

    Hey Vamp! Yup been playing T:A for a while now and I'm still using GABRIEL too! :cool: Pretty much have most of my armor classes maxed out with all their goodies. Working on getting some mines for my Doombringer and then I'll be content with what I have! :D I don't much care for the 2 new armors they added to the list. I'm not even gonna waste my time trying for them. Out of the TIA peeps, we have approx 12 to 14 peeps playing or have played T:A. Hopefully a gaming league will put T:A into their list of competition games once this game is out of beta. There seems to be a HUGE amount of people who seem to be interested in T:A from looking at the forums and the hits on youtube video from T:A, etc. Some people have estimated approx a tad over 300,000. What that actually means??? To me it's a "whatever"... lets see what sort of competitions bring in whatever league!!! WooHoo
  6. Dr Moocowz

    Dr Moocowz Admin de Bovin Staff Member

    Hey! Yeah, I've been playing about 1 map a day at the minimum or more accurately, "until I get my first win of the day bonus". :) I don't seem to play at the same time as others though, hehe. I've enjoyed it so far in a casual setting.

    GABRIEL Active Member

    Hey Everyone... if you didn't see my post in FaceBook, here we go:

    TWL has added Tribes Ascend to their list of games. Now the big thing is... Who in TIA would be interested in competing??? Also we are gonna need a server which we have to rent from Hi-Rez. So if we do get a server, it's gonna cost a few bucks and we'll need people to chip in. And we'll need a TeamSpeak or Ventrillo server.

    So anyone have any idea's, thoughts, comments???
  8. Sonofprom

    Sonofprom Active Member

    Teamspeak is covered, we could just use the one we use for WoW.
    Ya, you know what I want to do :D.

    GABRIEL Active Member

    SOP... You should be called "The Master of Disaster"! :sneaky: All you want to do is KICK ASS!!! WOOHOO!!!:devil: Now all we need is another 15 peeps who has the same attitude. lol
  10. Tyberage is me... Which was FreshMeat, but someone took my name.
  11. Can I please see the Tribes Ascend forum?
  12. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

    You've already got it. :) So far, everything on T:A has been in the Main Forum or The Psych Ward forums. You should be able to see both, no?

    GABRIEL Active Member

    Interesting :poop: .... T:A has been out for little over a year and it's starting to fizzle out pretty bad. I'm not really surprised! The pub servers (USA Servers) are becoming less and less and just found out that Hi Rez has lost it's focus with T:A and putting more assets and people towards Smite. From what I was told, Smite has 15 tech/people working on this game from fixing any bugs, working on characters, etc while there are only 3 people working on T:A. T:A is an ok game to waste some time on but if you're a true Tribes fan, this isn't the game. All T:A is is a watered down version of Tribes with WAY to many weapons that shouldn't be in a Tribes game. The weapons are still NOT calibrated correctly for the firepower that they produce or NOT produce. The armors/classes are also NOT calibrated correctly of how much damage they can take or how weak they actually are against the weakest of weapons. Tanks are way to easy to destroy. AND OMG... everyone thought in T1 that disc jumping was insane and that T2 (classic version) mine/disc jumping was also insanely fast... not even close to what happens in T:A. In T:A you can do a combo disc jump and thrust and you are across the map in mere seconds! Half of the weapons should be totally deleted from game play along with half of the different grenades. For one of the classes you have throwing knives and you can kill people from 200-300 yards away. SMG's are just crazier than the CG in T1 and T2. The distances they can shoot is just wrong for a SMG.

    LOL.... soooo.... lets put in a grant to the Federal Government for a couple million dollars so we can produce a NEW Tribes Games with ALL the modern technology of the 21st century and say in the presentation of something like, wanting to see how the evolution of gaming has evolved from the end of the 20th century to our present day! Or some other BS! hahaha Let's see... what could the NEW Tribes game be called? Tribes 2.0, Tribes: Remix, Tribes: The Never Ending Story. Tribes: A Love affair Gone Super Nova. :LOL:O_o
  14. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

    Gabe, as always, you continue to crack me up! :rofl:

    I mean, if you going to remake Space Invaders but modernize it, would you give your gunner 20 different kinds of guns, all with secondary fire modes just because that's what's "in" right now?

    Geez, I hope not. Clearly we're living in an era that does not understand the "less is more" concept as it applies to gaming. Sometimes I view these newer games as purposely introducing complication, simply to make it more complicated. Everyone seems to want a bazillion options "just to be unique and different."

    To me, Tribes 1 got it mostly right. A few things were silly and some accidents (like skiing) actually were "lucky" accidents. Tribes 2 was released before it was ready, but it really was a masterpiece of game design. Remember that game went for over 2 years without a single patch without significant game imbalances. That's just unheard of in a PvP title before or since.

    Why is this hard?! Just redo Tribes 2 -- same physics, same number of items, vehiles, guns, with possibly some minimal tweaks (i.e. make sure shrikes cannot be "god class"), but that's about it! I'm not saying it's perfect, but Tribes titles after T2 have been waaay too far from what T2 had going for it... and it just made them less of a great game.

    T2 is still the greatest online game I've ever played... and sadly I'm beginning to think we may not see something better. :(

    GABRIEL Active Member

    HAHAHAHA.... Us old timers need to keep each other laughing!:LOL::D

    Like I actually had asked in our Face Book page... how far has the Virtual Reality World advanced for gaming? Are you up to date with that sort of thing? See for me, I like games with action. WoW or Smite, etc. are just soooo boring for me. Remember, old ppl fall a sleep fast if they aren't busy right?:giggle: Of course T1 and T2 was the cream of the crop for me as far as PC games go. But I did play Halo and that was pretty interesting and fun! I also had played some of the military games like Call of Duty(s), etc. They are ok BUT... the cheating, lets just say, upsets me a bit :mad: ! EatMeat and I played a bit of competition in TWL a few years back BUT there was a cheat that some teams were using (able to see through walls) that finally took it's toll on me.
  16. Gary Grahek

    Gary Grahek Administrator

    Hey Gabe have you tried Planetside? Its not super but will keep you occupied enough to forget that you're a 'old timer'. Its free to play so join up and hop in my Liberator.
  17. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, Planetside can be quite fun. I have a slightly buffed Sunderer too. I was actually hoping someone had a Liberator or Galaxy. I can only get the stock versions of those. A good group really makes it fun.

    GABRIEL Active Member

    Ok... Tribes Ascend

    For whom it may concern...

    There is a huge Cheat/Hack in the game that a couple people have been using... It's a WARP Cheat/Hack! What it does, is that a certain person who has it can target anyone he wants in that server and automatically throw you across the map at super sonic speed till you actually hit the map boundary wall on your teams side of the map. You then either can kill yourself and respawn on one of you teams normal spawn spots OR you can waste time and try to get back on your own to where the fight is at. But all this takes up massive time for you!

    Hi Rez has been informed about this BUT they have taken their eye off the ball with TA and mainly is focused with SMITE! Sooo... will anything get done about this? My guess probably not.

    Sooo... if you play TA and something happens to you what I described above, it isn't LAG nor your ISP nor the game itself! It's just one more shithead who has to ruin a semi decent game with a Cheat/Hack!

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