Transmog news for DKs

Discussion in 'Public Discussion' started by Ozgrom, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Ozgrom

    Ozgrom Member

    Death Knights will get their starter gear back, probably set up in Archerus, so non-DKs can't steal their unique armor!

    - I think they read my mind on this one.

    The greens are still unconfirmed, btw. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up unfairly. /sadface
  2. Stephanie Love

    Stephanie Love WoW Officer Staff Member

    I also read that you'll be able to buy some of the gear that is unavailable now at the new DMF.
  3. Ozgrom

    Ozgrom Member

    Yeah, you will be able to buy skins of old gear. Apparently not the item itself.
  4. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

    I knew eventually they'd come up with something I'd actually spend all my gold on. :cool:
  5. Ozgrom

    Ozgrom Member

    You could always just give it to me. If need something to spend money on.

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