The Origin of Shield Absorb Estimates

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    A question came up about my involvement in figuring out how to estimate shield absorbs from combat logs. In fact, I was the first player to describe how to estimate shield absorbs, and the method I described was modified and used by Recount, WoL, and pretty much every other meter out there as far as I know. Too bad I didn't patent the process... but really I meant it to be in the public domain, as it is.

    Just to remove any doubts, I found the original discussions on the Elistist Jerks' Priests Forums. There is a whole thread on the topic, "Power Word: Shield & Recount", which happened in April 2009, but the original description of how to figure out shield absorbs from combat logs was from this post of mine in January 2009.

    Why did it take so long for that to happen, especially given how many people play the game? Mostly it was because the WoW combat log was a complete mess, often containing "impossible" events (I describe one in the post I linked). But to give you an idea, here is the method I posted:

    That's the shortened version. It just took that long for anyone to work out a reliable method. Fortunately, most of the difficulties back then (in 2009) are no longer present in WoW's current version of the combat log. However, events can still arrive out of sequence, so the logs are actually not quite 100% accurate as to the timing of events at least.

    It's very interesting reading these EJ threads from 4.5 years ago. Sadly, the same debates keep getting recycled, and people still get "stuck" on the same issues -- "What does healing done mean?" comes to mind, or "How do you evaluate healers, if healing done is no good at that?" Eight tiers later very little has actually changed. New content, but same basic issues.

    Also, to the best of my knowledge, shields are still not absorbed in any particular order. If anyone thinks otherwise, please point me to some proof. Even in 2009, DA shields were "usually" absorbed before PW: Shield, but not 100% of the time. So people just looking at a few cases and saying it works a certain way are probably mistaken. I looked at over 500,000 combat log events, so I screened a pretty big pool. That allowed me to see very clearly that things really did not work like people claimed. I am skeptic because this has happened over and over again. People are lazy and don't actually fact check, so people make claims, they get propagated, and no one ever bothers to check.

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