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    As most of you know, Tark is on the legendary staff quest line. I will require some help from guilds if I can ever get past step 5 of the process:


    The above requires me to solo run a phased instance of the Nexus along with Taracgosa. The first couple of fights aren't a problem because with her around, you get a healing tick. My problem is near the end of the third fight, she runs off and three chain silencing dogs show up. Naturally I try to fear bomb them but that doesn't seem to always work. I've run this instance about 20 times now and only gotten past the dogs about 5X. The next step is a gauntlet and that usually eats me up.

    You can see an example of this quest here:


    There's quite a few examples of this quest on Youtube. As usual, the videos make it look rather easy and it's not. Apparently it's a cakewalk for mages since they can spellsteal.

    So at this point, I'm stuck. I'm going to try a few of the suggestions folks have made. Slightly altering my spec, maybe trying demonology until I get through the gauntlet. Apparently part of the problem is that you are always in combat so you can't heal or use Soul Harvest to heal up. But apparently time and bandages is one way around that. It's not a timed run from what I can tell.

    So if I can get past this step, the next step is some expositional video and then more stuff to do in the Firelands. I'll have to gather some items from Shannox, Beth'tilac, Rhyolith and Alysrazor. So that'll put me out of my usual DPS role temporarily. Doesn't seem like each step is too tough but it may require me getting the items, wiping the fight and then starting it again. Not sure. I think the toughest part will be the Beth'tilac portion since it requires me to climb up to her with an item so it can get changed by her devastation. Then climbing back up again to pick up the item. With the nerfs, it shouldn't be that difficult.

    After I get the four required items, I use them to open a portal to a new fight which you can see here:


    Apparently it's not that tough for a good group so if everyone looks at the fight, I'm sure we'll be prepared for it. Again, I'll have to get past step #5 before we have to worry about this fight.

    Neal :)
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    What an involved encounter. Just take it wicked slow with bandages and pots when you can?
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    At this point, to speed it up, you want to move to the next step as quickly as possible. The limiting factor on the quest is time due to the need to clear Firelands for items.

    Once you're on the next step of the collection quest, the raid is supposed to collect the four items from the first four bosses but wipe on each one as the goal is to just get the items. Once Volcanus is summoned and defeated, then go back and clear normally since you can start collecting the next items--Seething Cinders.

    To collect the necessary Seething Cinders, it will take 7-8 full clears on 10 normal or 6-7 full clears on 10 heroic.

    After that is done, there is one more collection phase. You have to collect Smouldering Essences. Getting them will require 14-21 10 normal clears or 6 10 heroic clears. For this step, killing heroic bosses will provide a major boost. Getting the staff takes a long time but it is extremely long if you only ever do 10N raids.

    For more information, here is a nice summary of the entire chain:
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    Heroic bosses, gogo :)
  5. Tarkvolmar

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    Just so everyone knows, Tark is now finished with the evil step #5 so it's on to the Delegation step where I have to collect stuff off four of the FL bosses. And then a special fight.
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    'bout time

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