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Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Pykl, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Pykl

    Pykl Member

    We had a power failure last night and now my puter won't boot. There is a light on the mobo that lights so I'm guessing it's not a power supply problem. When I push the on button nothing happens, no post or anything. Is this a fried mobo? or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately if it's the mobo it means cpu, memory and the whole shebang.
  2. Gary Grahek

    Gary Grahek Administrator

    A blown motherboard is a possible problem. It still could be your powersupply however, as it supplies more than one voltage component to the motherboard. Do your fans come on? Here's what I would do:
    1. Remove all peripherals from PCI or SATA connections.
    2. Re-seat memory and all motherboard power connections.
    3. Barrow someone's powersupply. You don't even need to physically remove them, just park the computers next to each other like you're jumping a car :).
    If that doesn't get you a different result, then I would say your motherboard is hosed.
  3. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, what he said. :)

    Power spikes usually kill the power supply first, which is supposed to throw itself in front of the bus to save the mobo...

    BUT (omg, I just realized that's a terrible pun "in front of the bus")... I've definitely seen power supplies fail and kill the mobo in the process. In fact, DrMoocowz and I replaced a mobo and CPU on rightbrain after its PSU failed and the mobo literally threw sparks and started smoking.

    In general, most the other components should survive, though, including CPU and RAM. It's just that if you're having to buy a new mobo it's often convenient to replace the CPU and perhaps RAM too.
  4. Pykl

    Pykl Member

    Ya this puter is at least four years old so the cpu/ram etc is also going gray. I reseated everything and no dice, no fans, no nothing. I was going to use my older old puter to try a different ps but the connector is different. I think I'll just go buy a new ps and try that since if the mobo is shot I'm going to need one anyway.

    I'm way out of the loop on what the good puters are these days. Can anyone give me any pointers on mobo/cpu combo and what size of ps to get. I have a decent graphics card, I had to replace that within the last year or so.
  5. ZeroTalent

    ZeroTalent Member

    one old good trick in the book you can try is to unplug your puter and grab a screw driver and short the nuetral and one hot lead on the power suppply to alleviate any residual electrical build up that may be keeping one of the components in the power supply from activating. Then plug your puter back in and see if it will power one.
  6. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

    You, my friend, have way more guts than I do. :D
  7. Ozgrom

    Ozgrom Member

    You can flash your machine by unplugging it then holding the power button also.
  8. Pykl

    Pykl Member

    Can anyone tell me how to check to see if it's the power button?
  9. Gary Grahek

    Gary Grahek Administrator

    Hmm. I guess that could be your problem, although its an unlikely victim for a power surge. The power button exhibits an open circuit until pressed, which then yields a closed circuit. You can check the resistance with a digital multimeter. Or, for lack of a multimeter, you could connect in series: the power button, a battery (<5 volts) and a flashlight bulb (or anything else that would indicate a closed circuit, such as a small motor or your tongue).

    This will test the integrity of the button. You can also 'jump' your power supply to get it to turn on without intervention of the motherboard, but I wouldn't recommend doing it unless you're feeling frisky.
  10. Pykl

    Pykl Member

    I bought a new ps as even if it was the mobo I need a bigger one anyway. Plugged it in and the bus fired up and drove off. Thanks for your help.
  11. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

  12. Pykl

    Pykl Member

    I think my puter finally died, the mobo probably, not bad considering it's probably ten years old.

    So what are the good price/performance options for mobo/cpu/gpu/ram etc.
  13. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

    I'm not super up-to-date, but would still have a few general tips:
    1. Get a quality name brand motherboard. It's worth the extra cost because it provides stability and reliability. I like Asus motherboards, but Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, and Biostar all make good mobos.
    2. GPU -- don't over-spend on this. Even pretty cheap GPUs are quite good these days. I do get name brands, though. For GPUs my favorite make is Gigabyte, but others are good too. I slightly prefer Nvidia cards because I like their drivers better, but AMD/ATI cards are good too.
    3. RAM. Figure out how much RAM you think you need, then buy 2-3 times that much. There is no such thing as too much RAM. If it's not too much more, get lower latency RAM as well. As for manufacturer -- usually I decide on a motherboard and then look at what RAM has been verified to run stably in that motherboard.
    4. CPU performance matters more than GPU. I usually don't buy bleeding edge but often look to buy something maybe 18 months after release -- that's about when the price drops to only a little more than older CPUs. But that's purely an economic preference of mine.
  14. Zibiadiudge

    Zibiadiudge Guest

    I just finished 10 days of the test World of Warcraft and I was going to buy this weekend. I have 120 at this time. What do you think I should buy it, only the original game or the battle chest? I do not think it will be important with the signing of a credit card is probably going to finish the purchase of two months. Anything you think I should buy with it? Any help is appreciated? Whereas the best place to buy all or nearly the same price range?

    Thanks again........
  15. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

    I would get the battle chest, not just the original game. That includes the Burning Crusade expansion, which lets you go through level 70, opens up new areas of the world, and allows you to play two additional races.

    In fact, I would advise you to get all the expansions if you can afford it. Most players have all of them. So that means the Battle Chest, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm. That's a lot, but Blizzard is doing a 75% off promotion this week, so it's $5 for battle chest, $5 for Lich King, and $10 for Cataclysm. As far as I know, the only place to get them that cheaply is from the Blizzard Store. The link is here: Blizzard's Online Store. The sale ends August 27, 2012.

    That would get you caught up to what most players have right now. But next month, they are releasing a brand new expansion, Mists of Pandaria.

    I should warn you that installing and updating all those will take a while, so be prepared for that.

    Hope that helps.

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