Raiding Application

Application for raiding with TIA.

The Insane Asylum is a World of Warcraft raiding guild on the US-Thrall server. The guild was founded on US-Kilrogg and has been active since the first day of WoW. We raid Wed/Sun/Mon 10pm-1am EST.

If you wish to apply for a raiding spot with us, please reply to this thread with the following information. You can also send a private message to Kuren, if you prefer. You will need to create an account on these forums though. Once you are registered, you can send a private message. Click Inbox in the upper, right hand corner then select Start a New Conversation at the bottom of the menu.

We need mature, dedicated, and skilled players who can commit to the raid schedule.

One of the officers will follow up with you. If possible, we will also try to run something with you in game, even if only a 5 man dungeon run.

We use TeamSpeak 3 for voice communications and all raiders are required to at least login and listen. EPGP is used for loot distribution.


The name of your main character who would be raiding with us.

The realm of your main character, if applying from a different realm.

The class of your character who would be raiding with us.


Your current age in years.

Your BattleTag. Optional but may be useful if the officers are having a difficult time contacting you.

Any additional information you would like to provide.